Wellness Champions for 2018

A hearty congratulations to the three honorees of this year’s CommonHealth Wellness Champion Awards! The Wellness Champion Award recognizes an employee who models a healthy lifestyle, has made significant changes in health behaviors, motivates others to make health improvements, or has implemented a policy to help create a positive wellness culture for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each of this year’s winners has made their workplace better through their efforts and will be awarded with a certificate from the Governor, a CommonHealth Goodie Bag, and a feature of their stories on the CommonHealth Website.

Meet the Winners

Leslie Bobb

Leslie Bobb - Executive Assistant - Department of Internal Medicine - Virginia Commonwealth University

“Being well at work is all about realizing that your health is your responsibility and you have the power to make a difference. Bringing our workplace in line with the mission of the VCUHS, School of Medicine, and Department of Internal Medicine to promote health is my way of fighting the epidemics of disease and unhappiness our culture is experiencing today. CommonHealth helps me shift the office culture to one that supports wellness for all team members by providing information, support, and tips to make wellness the norm.”

Paula Blamer

Paula Blamer - Virginia State Police Fairfax

“Every small change and every tiny step moves you forward to better health. Always take advantage of your daily work breaks, and move around the office/building – breakup with that cubicle!! Make exercise fun - I am not a gym person, I would rather be playing out in the yard with my grandkids and dogs than be inside – jump roping is not just for kids anymore!! And always remember, that no matter how bad you think you may have blown your diet or exercise today – tomorrow is always a new day to begin again.”

Jeanette V. Ciccarello

Jeanette V. Ciccarello Business and Economic Development Navigator-Trade - Virginia Employment Commission – Lynchburg

“For me, being "well at work" means basically being well in life! Wellness and fitness is a chosen attitude and goal throughout the day, which includes what you eat, how you think and your level of activity. I go to the gym twice a week after work and find that classes provide the physical intensity and group encouragement for me to feel fit and energized. I served as team captain for office participation in various Live Healthy Lynchburg and CommonHealth of VA health challenges which encourage all to increase their activity level and have fun in doing so. The CommonHealth newsletters are very informative and the challenges offer health conscious activities that most can do at any fitness level.”

Who inspires your agency to get up and moving? Who motivates your office to live life to the fullest? Is there someone that advocates for a healthier lifestyle? Let us know about the Champions in your workplace that make it a healthier place to be.

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